Girl (Bottomless)For as long as she can remember, Barbie Lez always had a fascination for the written word. As a kid, she dabbled with writing, but the switch really occurred when she became a teen. You guessed it; right around the time she went through puberty. Hornier than she cared to admit, she decided to give erotica a whirl.

In the years that followed, she wrote a few dozen short stories, but a critical computer failure resulted in the destruction of every last one. At 16, she wrote her first novel, but that too was lost in the digital incident.

For the few years that followed, she occasionally worked on new erotic short stories, but the passion was no longer there. The horny young women and animals that inhabited her imagination would have to wait.

After reading an article about a young nobody who became a millionaire by self-publishing her eBooks online, she decided to dust off her old stories. Within 24h of publishing her first two short stories, Barbie was stunned to learn she had already sold 7 copies.

That day marked the first time she made money from her writing. Inspired, she started writing again, cranking out over 30 short stories in the first three months. With over 12 000 copies sold (and 1 000 000+ downloads from free stories), Barbie is well on her way to reaching her goal of making a living from her passion.

Now, Barbie continues to write whenever she has a spare minute. With the fires of passion still burning deep within her, this young woman has seen her short stories gradually grow in length. With a previous average of three new stories a week, the young writer now finds it difficult to attain such an objective seeing how most stories are now over 8000 words.

However, there is no need to worry as this is only due to her evolution as an author. Temporarily leaving one-hit stories behind, the passionate young woman now focuses on writing series and, more recently, books. Whatever the form, Barbie’s perverse tales are brought to the world to keep up with the ever-growing demand.

And now, a word from the horny author herself:

“Thanks to all my readers. I would be nothing without you.”

Have a horny day,


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